God’s Identity from Answered Prayer

When God does something good tell it – it’s in the sharing of answered prayer that God’s “glory,” his “identify” is revealed. This first sentence…this revelation has changed my entire perspective on testimonies.

I have often quoted part of the scripture (Revelations 12:11) saying that we overcome by the words of our testimony. And I still believe it to be true. Today, God peeled a layer of the onion back. Yes, we do overcome by the words of our testimony and I used to think it was because a person saw what God did for someone else and now the new person could believe that to happen for them too. People would say, take this for yourself, if he did it for me he can do it for you too. Often times though the person hearing it may say, “well, I don’t need a job I already have one so that testimony wasn’t for me.” Or they may say, “I don’t need my bills paid,  I pay them no problem so that testimony wasn’t for me.” This shows that we sometimes place the emphasis on what was done that we often over look why it was done.

Why did God answer their prayer for money, a house, a job, etc…? Was it because God likes to give us good things, yes. Was it because God’s word says he will meet all our needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus, yes (Phil 4:19) . What is so very crucial here is that you know the WHY. God did those things because that is apart of his nature. It is a part of his identity. God provided Abraham a ram in the bush because he was/is Jehovah Jireh, “The Lord our provider” and he wanted Abraham to know this aspect of who he was. (The Battle Plan for Prayer)

Let’s shift the focus of our testimonies. Let’s tell what God has done then hone in on the truth of his identify that has been revealed through our answered prayer. Let’s tell the world and thank God for the piece of his identity he revealed to us. Let’s never stop sharing what God has done and who you know him to be now because of it. It’s in God’s identity revealed that others will know him and trust him to be that for them.

If you have a testimony of an answered pray please send it in so I can share it. I would love to see who God has revealed himself to be in your life so we can know him to be that in our lives.

~God bless~


You…Just You.

This is where I’ll find you. Where your words like warm water wash over my soul and let me know that freedom is mine. It’s mine to have and to hold. It’s mine when I feel like I don’t deserve it but you give it to me anyway. Your peace is mine. When I know I can’t change anything and I’ve stopped trying. Your love is mine when I don’t know how I’m going to continue to love the person who spitefully uses me. This is where I’ll find you. In the testimonies of the people who you have touched, set free, and healed. This is the place where I first believed.

Stepping off the cliff with you,