My name is Cheryl and I am a person who loves God and desires to see people set free. No hidden agenda, no secret motive. Just a fellow human being who was saved by God’s grace when I didn’t deserve it. I gave my life to Christ at 12 years old and have been living for him since. I have worked and served in churches in Germany, Texas, Virginia, South Carolina and Japan in various capacities.  I have served in various ministries over the years: a few are usher, choir member, Children’s Church Nursery leader, Teen Ministry leader, and Prayer Ministry leader. I live on the East Coast with my husband, children, and two sweet dogs.  I’m a working mom and the author of Xidera’s Edge manga graphic novels. I’ve also newly discovered adult coloring books (they rock).

Prayer is so very vital to our lives. Please allow me to pray for you. I’m honored to offer you my time. I offer you my blog space to share what God has done for you so that others may become free too. When I receive your email I’ll pray for you. Then I’ll email you back and let you know. If God gives me encouraging words for you I’ll definitely share. One last thought God wants to see you set free. He wants you to know him through salvation in Jesus Christ. He wants to continue building a beautiful relationship with those who are his children. He wants you well in every area of your life and I’ll stand in agreement with you, through prayer.

Standing with You,